Term 2 has been and gone but good things take time.

room 4 environment 012.jpgThe tree opposite the school was very popular.

Term 2 had a major focus on " Descriptive Writing". Over the term students wrote on a variety of topics and the calibre of work that evolved was of a very high standard. Students selected one of their pieces of work to develop, edit and present to the class.
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descriptive writing 004.jpg

Year 7 students really enjoyed their creative sewing sessions at Technology and eagerly enjoyed a photo shoot of their fashion accessories.

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Painting with only the primary colours and black and white was the basis for many creative colours being developed. With the emergence of new colours and draft paintings being created, the students moved onto canvas paintings and the challenges that this style of painting presented. There were many successes and although some students were not pleased with their work, they all had potential. The students used the Habits of MInd, to "Persist" and "Stop and "Think" to be the best they could be.

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The students set fortnightly goals related to Habits of Mind. These were assessed on a Friday and many students repeated goals if they felt they were not completely satisfied with their result.This fomat will continue until the end of the year. Mr. Jones took a holiday break at the Esler property. I heard he was not really interested in getting involved in farming life and didn't venture out on a tractor, not once. Next term students will have an iinport into the class wiki.

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