Term 3

Welcome to Term 3 and information on what has been happening over the last ten weeks.
We started the term with Mrs Tricia Wood joining the teaching team in Room 4. Mrs Wood was on her final placement as a trainee teacher before joining the work force in 2013. Mrs Wood was based in Room 4 for five weeks, with two of the weeks being on control.

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Students created tile mosaics under the watchful eye of Mrs Wood
Sadly Room 4 and the wider school community of St. Josephs said goodbye to Rose. All students have fond memories of Rose and these were displayed in a card from the students in Room 4

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Like many school around New Zealand the 2012 Olympic Games in London were a focus for student learning. Students focused on the history of the "Games" and the athletes from our own country. Each student was given a hopeful medal contender and they created a biographical poster on them. This poster also incorporated the "Habits of Mind".

Students also wrote and prepared speeches on a topic of their choice. The topics varied greatly and when each child presented their speech, two of their peers assessed them. There were five categories for assessment with a possible mark of 50. Six students have been selected to challenge for the St. Joseph's Speech Cup. Our classroom back wall displays their work.


Sanford Science Fair projects were undertaken by all students, either individually or with a partner. Students investigated a project at home and then all results were collated and presented on display boards at school. Five students, representing four investigations displayed their work at the Caroline Bay Hall. Well done to all the students, and the effort and pride they took in their work.

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