Term 4
Welcome to Term 4, the final term for 2012.
The term began with the continuation of "Information Reports". Students collectively wrote a report on "Kiwi Fruit", then independently chose a product that New Zealand exports around the world.

Students have learned how to proportion the human form. They began with chalk then used charcoal. The students were models for each other and there is still more drawing to be completed this term. Photos have been taken of individual students and their next challenge is to draw themselves.
Model, Courtney / artist, Molly
Model, Ruby / artist Meg

Room 4's next writing focus was "Procedural Writing". The class completed a fun instructional test, which was interesting to observe. Then students worked out how they best learned a new skill. Did they use diagrams, when available, listen, or use a physical method? Some students used only one method, while others used a combination. The students then took their skills into Room 3, a Year 5and 6 class and all students had fun learning how to instruct and attempt to tie a "Half Windsor Knot". Each class now has a basic instruction manual on how to attempt a variety of skills, that the students in Room 4 collated.

instructional day 009.JPG
The work concluded with students selecting to make a kite or piklets. They had to be independent, organised and ready to create on a set date. Kites attempted to fly and pikelets were devoured without hesitation.
instructional day 013.JPGinstructional day 026.JPGinstructional day 012.JPG

Our school celebrated with a "Colour Day" recently and many students excelled in their presentation. The students brought cans of food and they were donated to Vincent St. Paul.
The young girl in the front row is stunning in pink and green!


This term the students read novels by the British author Michael Morpurgo. The students thoroughly enjoyed his books. Our class book, Running Wild is nearing completion and this novel is his best, quotes the author. I hope the students read more of his books over the holidays as he has written 120 so far!

Grandparents visited the school recently, Year 7 students led the service. Chris, our itinerant guitar
teacher, led her students with a varied programme and Fraser completed the performance
with two items on his bagpipes. The Year 8 students provided the morning tea.
Hamish S. excelled himself with his pikelet making skills and provided pikelets on demand with
cream and raspberry jam. He was assisted by Jack and consistent quality control was assured.

The annual Rose Festival allows our students to be creative with flowers. Students from Year 1 to Year 8 participate.
This year, Tyrone and Piper were placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively in the Year 8 section and Meg and Kate were
placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Year 7 section.