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P.M.I. PLUS, MINUS and INTERESTING. Students evaluated camp by using a P.M.I. This is a quick, fun way of saying what you thought of an event. The students also gave the camp a rating out of 10.

Camp Wainui got the thumbs up from everyone.


Students created snapshots of their camp experiences
using pastel.
The images were personal to each student and said alot
about their memories of Camp Wainui.
Personal recounts were written after camp. Each child took
a very "small slice" of their time at camp and recorded
their event in great detail. Students wrote on a variety of topics from the "Grundy Run", "Fish and Chips" "Papa Bear Rock"
to Eating Pizza and Wedges.

Exerts from student texts
Fish and Chips:
My tongue reached the sauce and had a ravenous lick...........I had found a chip hiding in the sauce! I felt like a pirate who had just found a large amount of treasure.

Hector Dolphins
They were tiny, grey, oval shapes tearing through the wavy water like space shuttles exiting earth's orbit.

Papa Bear
I watched as a frightened body fidgeted just before their big leap into the sea. SPLASH! The next human leapt.Suddenly it was my turn!

The Grundy Run
.........all by my side trying not to get whipped by the deadly wet tea towel chasing us at full speed, its controller my own FATHER.
I was convinced that I wasn't going to do a five metre jump off a cliff into an incredibly gloomy, swirling and covered in seaweed, oversized pond called an ocean.

Habits of Mind

Personally I don't enjoy homework but people and monkeys in all walks of life have to do work at home, so I'm going to try my best and achieve a homework holiday from Mrs Scott. No monkeying around for me!

Mr. Jones, from England is a new member of Room 4. He is involved in the learning process called "Habits of Mind" which all students are being introduced to throughout the school. The learning style was devised by Art Costa and it involves strategies for students to think intelligently when faced with problems where the answer is not immediately known. This learning is also part of the Key Competencies that are reported on by teachers on most school reports.If you would like to learn more go to http://www.habits-of-mind. net/.
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The focus for Room 4 until the end of term are:
  • Persisting: Students become more successful when they keep trying until the problem is solved. Successful students try different strategies until one works.
  • Stop and Think: Students become more successful when they attempt to make their work as right as they can. They take care with it and are not satisfied until it is error free. They set high standards for themselves.

Recent Activities This Term: Rural Swimming Sports / Senior Retreat Day



Retreat Day 27 March 2012


Rural Swimming Sports Century Pool

On March 29 and 30 students spent time in the Life Education van. The topic for the students was "Warrant of Fitness". Jane, the teacher explained through discussion, visual displays and a D.V.D programme why growing bodies require a balanced diet and what that diet should contain on a daily basis. The ever popular Harold made an appearance at the end of the visit. Mr Jones was reasonably interested in the programme but more so with his new friend.


This is my first Wiki page and I can assure all readers I have used my Habits of Mind to create this work.

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